Learning is Constant and knows no age....

Crossing continents and the ability to entertain the variety of cultures and tradition makes you the perfect hostess to all.

Create a new you, emit confidence and gain the best rewards and recognition in your social circuit in the long term.

  • Subject

Setting The Table

  • Different styles

Styles Of Service

  • Various ways

Religious Food & Drink Taboos

  • Social & cultural taboos

Introduction To Advance Cutlery & Crockery

  • Knowledge of the cutlery & crockery


  • Seating according to the position

Using Cutlery

  • Different styles

How To Raise A Toast

  • Various ways

Formal Invitations

  • Various styles

Greetings & Introductions

  • In different cultures

Dress Definitions

  • According to invitations

Travelling Tips

  • Internationally

Formal Replies

  • According to invitations