An award winning entrepreneur, Mrs. Monica Garg International Master Image expert, is the founder and director of Style Image Pvt. Ltd. and La Femme Privee. She is equipped with over 15 years of experience in fashion, style, luxury and Image industries. She runs leading fashion academy of India, ISOE Finishing Academy.

Mrs. Monica Garg is frequently quoted and asked to write articles related to fashion and image industry. She has been featured in many media world wide apart from being an author to your story – online portals for entrepreneur.

She is one of the leading certified trainers in Luxury Brand Management and Image Makeovers in India. Having gained her education in Luxury Brand management from London, The New York, Fashion Styling from Dublin; and a trainer certification from the Etiquette School of Manhattan (New York) and Villa Perrifeu Montreaux, Switzerland, she brought her bagful of expertise to Indian Audience.  Not believing in limited herself to geographical boundaries, she has successfully conducted various workshops not only in South Asia but also in U.S. and AMP; China, Dubai and France. Being an avid traveler, she has honed her knowledge on various cultures, countries, and international Savior Vivre which she brings on table during her training sessions. Ms. Garg is also the first in India to bring international affiliations in Image Consulting Business. These affiliations are built to give her students an edge over competitors by getting trained on the latest being offered around the globe in this industry. Presently, she offers courses on Luxury (International Luxury Academy), Etiquette and Styling (International School of Etiquette) and Image Consultancy  (Image Consultants Style Academy) all a part of her mother company – Style Image Pvt. Ltd., business venture of the leading Ganga group of Companies involved in diverse range of business ventures. Ms. Garg is an “SAMAJ RATAN” awardee by Ms. Sheila Dixit, Hema Malini, Meera Kumar for her role in women empowerment

Ms. Monica Garg, after creating Luxury Image Consultants in India, is aiming to empower women entrepreneurs to take their businesses and lives to next level by granting those unique networking opportunities.
La Femme Privee is a networking forum where women from diverse fields can network with each other and benefit with mutual learning and possible tie-up opportunities to grow organically. This is an amazing platform for enabling personal well-being, professional growths, promote their brands, share challenges, grid with possible solutions, make friends, laugh together and socialize productively.

The International Luxury, brings together some of the best minds in the industry to offer its students advanced and professional Diploma Courses in Fashion and Luxury Brand Management.  The course promises to create Luxury Image Consultants vis – a – vis Image consultants. Students of International Luxury Academy are taken of some of the world’s high luxe markets like Dubai, Milan etc. for International Luxury Exposures. They will gain knowledge on Luxury and Premium Brands all over the world and will be in a position to accompany their clients to various fashion cities in the world.

She has been featured author for Your Story
She is frequently quoted and asked to write articles for IANS. Mrs. Garg has been featured in many media worldwide such as Times of India, Hindustan Times, Economic Times, The Pioneer, The Tribune, Indian Express, Deccan Herald,, Times Internet, News, Times of India Online, Fashion and Flick. Com, Core Sector Communiqué, Times Life,, The Man Magazine, Ravishing Magazine, Zoom, The Asian Age, Apparel India, Magazine, Sunday Standard, Business World, Wedding Mantra, Wedding Vows, You and I magazine, Glittering India.