“Perfection is achieved , not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

Our COSMOPOLITAN 1 & 2 courses together is one such amazing catch-all- programme that gives you the perfect blend of imperative soft skills needed for hostessing with style, oenology, nutrition,international traveling tips and multiple life scenarios in an excellent way. Our internationally trained teachers takes you on an impeccable journey of exquisite knowledge where in the end you are equipped with the marvellous tools for taking your life to next level.

Module Description Subject

Jolies -Vous

To create a perfect skin you have to treat each individual cell within it perfectly. You need to know your skin types, types of massages. Simple tricks to turn a bad hair day good, plus hair style to knock years off you. Make up can work miracles. We are here to tell you tricks and tips of application which can make the most of your features. Learn about cellulite also.

  • Advance make up I
  • Advance make up II
  • Advance skin care
  • Advance hair styles

Intelligentes -Vous

Diamonds are woman's best friend. So know about your best friend & elegance in jewellery is a highly individual matter. Jewellery is the only element of an ensemble, whose sole purpose is elegance. Different style of clothing (scarf) encourage all the most feminine gestures. Learn to flaunt them. Dancing with your beau in a crystal ball room. Acquire the knowledge to make new house with right directions through Vaastu.

  • Know your diamonds
  • One step ball roomdance
  • Introduction to vaastu
  • Accessorize yourself (scarf)

Charmantes -Vous

If you want to be a perfect host & dazzle your guest. Come learn the techniques to host a party with style. Home being the perfect place to create a beautiful mosaic of intimate, vibrant moments & memories with friends & family. Knowing about oenology with advance knowledge to crockery & cutlery lets you tailor your table to perfect occasion & theme.

  • Art of entertaining
  • Hostessing with a style
  • Oenology
  • Advance cutlery & crockery
  • How to raise a toast

Contentes -Vous

Eat your way to hour glass figure. Be a social success by revealing your advance dining etiquettes in handling tricky foods. Learn how to be more relaxed, more resilient & feel a whole new level of real joy. Achieve deep states of relaxation, have more energy & be more effective in your everyday life.

  • Optimism & stress management
  • Diet counseling & get a perfect figure
  • Personal counseling
  • How to handle tricky food

Excellentes -Vous

Build a great repertoire of party inspirations, experiment new ideas, styles of International food preparation. Put together a palette of unique accents to help inspire you & make your home entertaining easier & even at the last minute & stylish.

  • Low cal salads
  • Hors d' oeuvres
  • Low cal soups
  • Verrines

Gentilles -Vous

Stylish ways of correspondence & techno etiquettes. Travelling to faraway places & respecting the cultural differences is very important. Learn the skills of International traveling.

  • Invitation card
  • Thank you note
  • Use of chopsticks
  • Napkin folding