“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

Upgrade your image to your DREAM PERSONA and add on extra ordinary qualities to become different and unique from your peer group with our comprehensive course COSMOPOLITAN 1 & 2. Without flair and panache more things become drudgery. Why settle for drudgery when you can have an art? Standing out in crowd is all about having CHARISMA, POISE, ELAN and TENACITY. Our far-reaching programme ensures your inner satisfaction along with spectacular outer skills.

Module Description Subject
Gorgeous U

Come to the new beauty bible's going to go back to basics giving you the products techniques and tips you need to maximize your assets. There is loads of hope, good makeup, skin & hair await you.

  • Basic Skin care
  • Basic hair care & styles
  • Basic Make up I
  • Basic Make up II

Charismatic U

Have a social success makeover. If you are poised & confident you will come across more positively. You will project positive attitude. Your attitude will go to altitude. Walking with high heels to greeting someone, learn here.

  • Conversational skills
  • Social graces (art of walking, sitting, greeting )
  • Deportment ( posture gesture )

Winsome U

Learn food techniques you would like to implement dining with style in formal restaurant is great skill to be learned. Knowledge of stylish cutlery & crockery can give professional touch to your food.

  • Art of table presentation
  • Art of dinning
  • Introduction of crockery & cutlery
  • Restaurant etiquette


Charming U

Diet to a perfect figure. What food to eat? From keeping fit to learning self-defence. Learn the secrets of different types of dressing. We believe every woman can develop a personal style. It's just a matter of determining what works best for you. And that's why we are here.

  • Diet & nutrition
  • Elegance
  • Art of dressing
  • Self defense

Adorable U

The chef hats indicate the level of difficulty & the clock symbol the preparation time for each. Learn the creativity to try new culinary experiences with international cuisines.

  • Lebanese
  • Mexican
  • Thai
  • Italian