Happily ever after starts here. Our EXQUISITE BRIDE 2 course will give you all the opportunities to embrace your femininity and elevate yourself as a dazzling, gorgeous, social savvy and ravishing bride. Be a PRO during family celebrations, travel and in all spheres of your new life.

Module Description Subject

Belles – Vous


Would you prefer your eyes to be wider, your skin to be softer, your hair to be fuller? If you would come and learn the right technique to become a most beautiful you.




  • Advance make up I
  • Advance make up II
  • Advance skin care
  • Advance hair styles

Merveilleuses – Vous


Jewellery is only element of an ensemble whose sole purpose is elegance. So know about your best friend. Different styles of clothing encourage all the most feminine gestures. Come and learn ball room dancing with us. To add more positivity to your life learn Vaastu.



  • Diamond grading
  • Scarf tying
  • Ball room dance
  • Vaastu
Favorites - Vous

There are plenty of daily opportunities to celebrate. So home being the centre of daily lives is the perfect place to create a beautiful mosaic of intimate, vibrant moments and memories with friends and families. With advance knowledge of cutlery and crockery layout a fancy dinner party. Learn about oenology(wines). 

  • How to raise a toast
  • Introduction to    oenology
  • Party & cocktail etiquettes
  • Menu Planning
  • Planning a dinner party
  • Introduction of advance cutlery & crockery


Nouvelles – Vous




Would you like to be able to relax and keep your edge? Would you like to feel in control of your life? Then learn optimism and take the pressure off and feel good. How to handle relationship with your man and in-laws.
  Be a social success by revealing your advance dining skills at the table.


  • Optimism & positive  attitude
  • Advance dining etiquettes
  • Session on personal counseling
  • Man management
  • Relationship handling

Formidables - Vous


You probably already have a list of favorite dishes you like to prepare for your guests & undoubtedly have a selection of plates you regularly use for their presentation. If you are ever tempted to try something different, here are a few of our international favorites that might inspire you to dazzle your guests.


  • Low cal soups
  • Low cal salads
  • Verrines
  • Hors d’ oeuvres
Magnifiques – Vous


Stylish ways of correspondence & techno etiquettes will be taught. Travelling to far away places & knowing the cultural differences is very important. Learn that tips here.

  • Thank you note
  • Invitation card
  • Use of chopsticks
  • Napkin folding