If you are looking for one stop guidance and the necessary training to help you shine in most vital life transition situation, i.e. marriage, then our BRIDE 1 course is the exact thing you need to be a true timeless magnificent bride. We take utmost take that all your specific needs are addressed personally with top priority by highly professionalized experts.

Module Description Subject

Beautiful U

Discover the secret of that special joie de vivre that will make your eyes sparkle & your entire body radiate gorgeousness. Considering you have 80,000 to 120,000 hairs on your head it's little wonder you sometimes experience discipline problems. Here's how to stay confident.

  • Basic Make up I
  • Basic Make up II
  • Basic Skin care
  • Basic Hair Care & Styles

Wonderful U

Be a social savvy. It means you should be able to achieve favorable or desired outcome in your interaction with others. It means your poise, presence & impeccable manners should dazzle everybody around.

  • Social Skills
  • Art of conversation
  • Art of giving
  • Art of walking with  heels
  • Art of greeting
  • Body language
  • Improving posture & gestures
Smarter U

Many social & business interactions center around dining or entertaining. You can impress people with your charm & sophistication at the table. Style your food & present your crockery well.

  • Dining  etiquette
  • Restaurant  etiquette
  • Table setting
  • Introduction to crockery & cutlery

Elegant U

You know first impression is very powerful & 93% of the first impression is non verbal. So never go wrong on clothing. Key of looking fabulous is identifying what kind of style you have & discover style with us. Keeping you fit to protect yourself is important. Get that training here.

  • Art of dressing
  • Saree tying
  • Develop a style
  • Fitness and nutrition
  • Self defense

Mesmerising U

The joy of sitting down on meal, whether its with the family or a nosy get together of friends, is one of life's great rituals; a time to pause, to allow our senses to indulge. But as looks, it's a chance for us to tempt and tantalize, to showoff, if u will, before giving the greatest gift of satisfaction; a plate of food. Learn International cuisines here.

  • Lebanese
  • Mexican
  • Italian
  • Thai