"La Femme Privee” is one of the finest Women Networking forum of India , where women from diverse fields can network with each other and benefit with mutual learning and possible tie-up opportunities to grow organically. This time LFP is going International to connect globally! This is an amazing platform for enabling personal well-being, professional growths, promote their brands, share challenges, grid with possible solutions, make friends, laugh together and socialize productively. Each member at "International La Femme Privee “has a journey of their own which is when shared with other creates an environment where you learn and grow tremendously. It leads to rising confidence, multiplying connections and boundless possibilities of collaboration.

The platform is for those women who want to expand their business at a global level to connect and grow worldwide, get involved in import and export or increase their exposure level. This platform includes 400+ women from all over the world including countries like Argentina, Mexico, New York, LA, Chicago, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, London, Paris etc.