Self Grooming Courses for Teenagers

Apart from those who know you as a person like your family, friends, and colleagues; you are only an IMAGE. You can control your image and the way you are perceived to be. You can, therefore, be perceived as a charming person who is polite, intelligent, smart and well-mannered. Our TRENDY course offers all that is required to be a Elegant girl and leave an impactful impression.


Suggestive Age Bank:



Module Description Subject

Pleasing U

A pleasant persona, offers the ultimate recall for any being.
Inclusions: Navigating place setting with stylish food with different types of napkin folds..etc

  • Table setting
  • Napkin folding
  • Cooking
Suave U

Sophistication is the key to impressions & depiction of oneself. Ways & Means of Brief pointers on handling messy foods using chopsticks & food n dining etiquette at social events etc.

  • Dining etiquettes
  • Restaurant etiquette
  • Use of chopsticks
Chic U

Good impression & greeting, personal Grooming tips & fitness that's our goal here.
Creation of a new chic & sleek you overall.

  • Art of dressing
  • Image management
  • Hygiene & body Care
  • Fitness & nutrition

Superb U

From self defense to personal style, this seminar will give students the real-world skills to handle friends. According to Nikolas Bothman author of Attitude in everything "the quality of your attitude controls the quality & appearance of everything you do". So develop a positive attitude at international school of etiquette.

  • Self Defense
  • Teenage counseling
  • Anger management
  • optimism & positive attitude