Learning is Constant and knows no age…

The way one interacts makes all the difference. The way of greeting someone, showcasing courtesy are the quintessential blocks of relationship building in today’s fast paced world.


Looks speak a thousand words. It is not just only about good looks but it is also the posture & the confidence one exudes, that leads to building a strong personality.

Suggestive Age Bank:

7-9,   9-12,   12-15


Module Description Subject
Communication Skills

Our interactive approach offers a fun learning experience. Introductions & greetings with effective conversational skills & graces taught in a simple manner.

  • Introduction and proper greetings
  • Conversational skills
  • Listening skills
  • Thank you notes
Social Skills

We help your child master the rules of etiquette & gain confidence by learning proper social behavior. Our course is designed to build self esteem & increase confidence in various social situations.

  • Common courtesies
  • Art of good host & guest
  • Behavior in public
Table Etiquette

Your child will learn appropriate behavior at the table through role playing activities, games & crafts. Students will learn proper table manners including formal five star dining etiquette.

  • Arriving at the table
  • Behavior at the table
  • Handling utensils
  • Practical use of utensils
  • Practical session on soup eating